Dreamers are Creators

Dreamers do what they like to do

Reva Kulkarni

Secret Friday Boo

There was a girl named Isabella. She like to dress up, dance and draw. One day she wanted to attend a drawing contest. The problem is – she was very nervous. She was hiding her face and crying. Because she thought she can not do it. She went to school and asked her teacher for help. “How can I not be nervous and how can I attend the drawing contest.” Isabella asked.

Her teacher cheered her by saying “Have a secret friday boo.” Isabella laughed and went back home with excitement. Isabella prepared for the drawing contest. She was wearing a beautiful purple dress. She was very confident.Isabella went to the stage. She again was nervous. She remembered her teacher’s advice “Have a secret Friday boo.”Isabella draw a beautiful picture of ocean with boats, dolphin, coconut trees on the side.

Isabella own the 1st prize.


Because Isabella was dream and she believed in herself.

Who is a dreamer?

  • Positive
  • Believe in themselves
  • Patience
  • Dressed well
  • Ask for help


1. Dreamers are positive

Isabella knew that “Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you will start having positive results.”


2.Dreamers believe in themselves

Isabella knew that she can draw beautiful pictures but was very nervous. But she believed in her strength.


3. Dreamers keep patience

Isabella knew “All things are difficult before they become easy”.


4. Dreamers dressed well

Isabella was nervous but she did smart thing by wearing a beautiful dress. That made her confident.


5. Dreamers ask for help

Isabella ask her teacher for help and she cheered up by her teacher.

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