A New Hyperspace | Revive, Relax, Recharge & Refresh @ Albuquerque, NM

Revive, Relax, Recharge & Refresh @ Albuquerque, NM

I moved to Albuquerque New Mexico with my family in the Summer of 2015. That was only few months ago but I have discovered so much of what the city has to offer in terms of its landscape, it’s architecture, and for my children, it’s wildlife. I have also serendipitously stumbled upon some wonderful native New Mexicans, whom i will remember forever.

First, the facts. Albuquerque is relatively small in population which gives it a homely feel. There is not much traffic, although the locals don’t agree with me, but when you moved here from New York City like I did, the city has a very sluggish feel and you can always drive from one part of the city to the other in less than 30 minutes regardless of where you are and regardless of the time of day. Even better is the fact that you will never be lost in the city, because on the Eastern edge are the Sandia Mountains which run the entire length of the city from north to south, and to the west is barren deserts with glorious sunsets in the afternoons. I’m beginning to think that those sunset contributed to Albuquerque being known as the Land of Enchantment. 

And besides the orange, red and pink sunsets that cast a brilliant watermelon hue on the Sandia Mountains ( Sandia means watermelon, in Spanish), there is another amazing natural phenomenon in Albuquerque: it’s rainstorms. It will often just rains like cats and dogs for 15-20 mins and then the sky will clear like nothing happened. So when it starts raining, remember to have your camera – and your umbrella in hand!

Fun in Albuquerque rain

Fun in Albuquerque rain

BioPark Zoo:The first thing to do in a new place if you have children is to check out the local Zoo. Albuquerque BioPark Zoo is an amazing adventure and learning experience for kids of all ages. Its grounds are gorgeously maintained as well if you are into botany and just want to be outside surrounded by beautiful local and exotic flora. The elephants, polar bears, gorillas, Kongros, lions, Bengle tigers, monkeys, peacock and charming birds were just a few of our favorite unpaid wild entertainers there. Our children, five year old twins Krish and Leora, were so elated to have had the experience of feeding ducks and fish at its lovely pond that they still to this day mention the zoo when they hear the word ‘fish’. And although their personalities could not be any more different. One thing they do have in common is their love for this magnificent zoo!

Sandia Peak Tram Way: Now, back to my favorite, the sunsets! Yes, they are THAT brilliant. So if you are a lover of sunset gazing then Sandia Peak is the place to be. The views from the Peak are spectacular and you can see the entire city and its beautiful lights shining after the sun goes down. Photographers love to be there during the evenings in order to capture the city lights and its sandy landscape stretching as far as the eye can see.

There is a restaurant at the top of the mountain called High Resort, which you’ll need to make reservations for before you get on the tram. And during Summer tourist season you may have to wait up to two hours to board the tram at the bottom of the mountain. And although this obviously frustrates a lot of tourists at first, but once you get to the top of the mountain and see the tapestry ribbon of brilliant colors changing across the sky you will forget your irritations and worries and embrace Albuquerque in its most glorious moments of the day.

Many in the list coming soon…

  • Sovanu Satapathy

    Certainly agree. I think the city has something that would bind you to ever move away. Great natural landscape, nice and warm people and Anita’s kitchen!