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At the core, A New Hyperspace is about how families can actively build stronger and resilient children. This site gives parents and educators tools, perspectives, and support on how they can empower their children through leadership and travel.


Children have all the technologies and information in the world right at their fingertips. This access has enormous potential, but they need active guidance on how they can better balance their lives between technologies and life-skills.

In 2015, we launched a Little Leaders program in our home community and found our passion. Our Little Leaders classes focus on a whole-child approach to building character, confidence and independence. We’re bringing that information and curriculum here, and sharing the journey.


Why Leadership Training in Children?

As children spend more time glued to their screens, many lose some of the essential life training on how to interact and communicate with the adults in their world. Time spent exploring outside, talking with neighbors and learning how to express their opinions are essential skills to learn young. We want our little leaders connected to their communities and confidently able to share their ideas. It’s only through effective communication that little leaders grow into adults who have the self-confidence and strength to advocate for their dreams.

Leadership training is but one part of the equation. Building little leaders is a hands-on and effective approach to develop strong character traits in your children. By taking a leadership-led approach to parenting, we as parents are better able to cultivate independence and confidence in our children.

Many have asked why we start so young?

Primary school is the ideal time to teach children self-accountability skills that keep them motivated to seek success. By starting young, we craft children who learn their own unique voice and motivations, and they feel invested in creating their own path to success. Teaching children how to work through tough situations is one of the best skills we can pass on to them.We are building confidence, self respect, and a “can do” attitude in kids.This is a core part of every aspect of our Little Leaders programs.

We’re looking at creating tangible outcomes in our Little Leaders like:

  • take responsibility for their own outcomes

  • are motivated to complete homework without prompting

  • willing to execute family chores

  • actively thirst for learning

  • finding passion and follow it along

Little Leaders gain experience from Travel:

Another core part of building little leaders is cultivating within them a curiosity about the world, everywhere from their back yard to the people and cultures in different lands. Travel is an essential part to building strong leaders. We’ll share tips on how you can take a little leader focus with children, that way travel becomes a transformative experience empowering children to take an active interest in the world around them.

Leadership-led travel empowers children to research new cities, to help plan the itinerary, and to taking charge of documenting the adventure. Through this style of travel, children gain the self-confidence they will need at every stage of their lives. And because you may not always have the resources to travel far, we’ll also share ideas for incorporating lessons of travel and culture into your children’s lives.

In our work past with teenagers and young adults, we have seen how the seeds of leadership planted now build resilience and confidence. Through this site, we will share the journey with our own local leader community in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We are raising our own two children to these same principles and have spent more than five years teaching leadership at all age levels. Count on watching our own parental journey unfold as we share the range of methodologies, lessons, and tips we find that best shape children into confident, helpful little leaders.

We believe:

  • Everyone has a story to tell and something important to contribute.

  • Building confident leaders starts with even the youngest children.

  • Leadership training provides a powerful advantage for children and builds resilience and skills they will need throughout their life.

  • Travel is a transformative part of the human experience and is essential to building strong and compassionate little leaders.

  • Building memories in life is an important way of enjoying it.

  • Living a healthy, active life is essential to happy and well-balanced children.

What type of things will you find on this site:

  • Lessons plans and activity ideas you can implement with your own little leaders (and how you can start a little leadership group in your own community!)

  • Real stories from all over the world of people with inspiring perspectives to share.

  • Useful travel itineraries for families with a focus on leadership-led adventures.

  • Books, research, and information related to raising strong and confident leaders.

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Thank you for joining the journey here on A New Hyperspace, I look forward to building confident Little Leaders with you!