A New Hyperspace | For family fun - Go for a family hiking : Tent Rocks - Hiking for all ages

For family fun – Go for a family hiking : Tent Rocks – Hiking for all ages

Our destination: Tent Rocks National Monument, NM

When we travel with Kids, the travel experience is completely dependent on how kids cooperate the journey. When I thought of going to Tent Rocks, I was prepared to carry Leora all the times as she does not like to walk much. And I was sure Krish will be fine. Surprised, both Krish and Leora were so excited on hiking – It turned to an amazing family hiking with great fun.

I always bring some excitement and entertainment before starting our day trip. As I believe the way we start our journey, sets the tone for the whole trip. It was around 11AM, so we all had good sleep and heavy breakfast. It’s just 1-hour drive from Albuquerque to Tent Rocks.

Tips and Tricks: The most important for a day trip is – “No rush hours please”. That’s a straight command from Anita. “We go out for fun, we should go in a relax mode, no hurry. The place will not move to some other place.”

Ready Set GoLittle Stars

I did not know what to expect. At the entrance, I got information that the hiking is Kids friendly. That’s an exciting news itself. From the parking lot, we could see the spectacular rock formations. Who is the best architect? My answer is “Nature”. The tent hoodoos are stunning.


The Journey Starts – I mean fun starts

We started our hiking. Each steps were thrilling, as Krish & Leora were excited with sandy trails and were looking for discoveries along the way. They thought dinosaurs lived there and they were in the mission to find them. The first half mile of the hike is mostly flat. All of sudden, I heard the scream – “look, there is a cave” that was from Krish and Leora. We wanted to go inside the cave, its bit difficult. But we got the helping hand to get there.

Got ScaredHelping HandWith Krish

The real fun started when we headed towards “Slot Canyon trail”. This is a beautiful and unique landscape and we experienced some dramatically different scenery in a short time. Krish and Leora joined with other kids and were running along with them. The trek up is fantastic. We found few places where we have to help kids to climb a bit, and there were a few tight spaces to squeeze through. But you have to be careful with kids and keep eye on them all the time.

What a fun hike – much more than I had expected. First time, kids were in the front and we have to follow them as of they the guide. I was amazed by their sense of exploration and adventure. They were acting like they have climbed the Everest.

We keep on praising them:
You are the rock stars
You are doing awesome job
You are the fastest among everyone
You can make to the top…

Fun is something define in your own way. You can read about it, but realization will happen when you implement it on your own way.


Yes, we are on the top of the mountain

Last half mile was little difficult. But our little stars were so energized, we made it to the top. The climb was tough, but the view from the top was worth it. We felt the fresh air, earth’s unique sound and a different feelings of success with the completely natural surroundings.
We sat and relaxed there, just to enjoy the achievement. Amazing canyon view and the stunning landscape was breadth taking.

The best location for photographers

From the top, the view is amazing and is the right place for the photographers. My suggestion is you can click the better snaps on the way back than climbing up. That’s what we did. Coming back was easier and takes less time. But we spend a lot of time of taking the photos.

Getting the whole family outside to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine was a wonderful idea to spend the weekend.

A special moment:
Someone want to cross us, he just said excuse me sir.
“I am not Sir; my name is Krish” he replied.

Some Important Information:

1. No Food, No water, No Rest rooms at the top
2. Leave your dog behind
3. No sandal walks – Do not take chance
4. Bring hats and jackets

  • Ben Gumness

    Looks like a blast! Have fun while your traveling!

    • Bapi Behera

      Thanks Ben. Travel itself is fun. Its a beautiful place.