A New Hyperspace | Top 10 things to do in Colorado Springs - The place of Natural Beauty

Top 10 things to do in Colorado Springs – The place of Natural Beauty

Colorado Springs – A stunning location, and beautiful place with caves, mountains, roads, kind people, great food, and nice hotels – we loved our trip. 

I have learned to be innovative when traveling. Innovation can be applied to the smallest things, like how effectively use the travel hours with kids, learn new things, and create fun out of nothing.
When traveling, I like to take advantage of time to do sing along songs with my kids, use iPads effectively, tell stories, speak intimately with my spouse, remember sweet moments, and talk about family and friends.

Small is beautiful and small innovation leads to a big happiness.

The Journey starts from Albuquerque

Having stayed in New York and being very new to New Mexico, when I started this trip I was amazed by just driving. The roads were straight, there was no traffic, and the speed limit was 75 miles per hour! I was thrilled! When I looks straight – I could see The horizon made the sky look like it was touching the earth.

Planning with family and dealing with unexpected

I like to plan during our driving time, so we all stayed busy learning about the place and what to expect. The sightseeing on the way was amazing, we would just pull over and spend some time relaxing, taking pictures, and refueling (which is very important during long travel). Our goal was to reach the hotel as early as possible so we could get enough rest and get ready for the next day.

Here are the list of places we planned to visit:

• Pikes Peak
• Garden of the Gods 
• The Broadmoor 
• Seven Falls 
• Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site 
• Cave of the Winds 
• Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center 
• Royal Gorge Bridge 
• Helen Hunt Falls 

When traveling with kids, you have to expect the unexpected. Leora got sick on the way. I don’t remember where we were, but it was very rural area. I was nervous when I had to pull over, but I learned an amazing thing – there is no need to fear the unknown or unfamiliar. The people spoke to Leora, made her laugh, shared some funny stories, spoke about their kids and made her feel good.

When you are in trouble and seek for help people come forward to help you.

Fun time started with a beautiful sunrise                    

I got up early and watched the sunrise–it’s one of my favorite things to do in a new place. I drove up into the mountain and watched the most beautiful sunrise. It felt like I was absorbing the energy from the sun. By the time I came back Anita, Leora, and Krish were ready, which surprised me.

We had a good breakfast at the hotel. You should never skip a good breakfast when you travel.

We took a one-hour drive through the city to discover more about it. We stopped at the Garden of the Gods Visitor Center. It’s on the top of a mountain, so we sat there for sometime to enjoy the view of Red Rocks, snowcapped mountains, tall pine trees, and a scenic landscape. We got enough information from the visitor center to plan the rest of our day. We drove through the Garden of the Gods, Pikes Peak, and a few other places.

Next we reached at the Cave of the Winds. There was no need to worry about the parking. People are very nice and will help you find a spot.

The Cave of the Winds is an incredible natural creation. It was stunning to experience it all. The cave is naturally air conditioned, and truly awe-inspiring to explore. We took a one hour tour of the cave. 

Special moment: 

The tour guide – Mr. Bryan – was nice and very knowledgeable. When he asked if we had any questions, Leora spoke up. Leora’s question, “Why is the cave so dark? Could you please put the lights on?” That brings smile on everyone’s face.

The tour guide walked in front of us with a flashlight. Krish asked him if he could be the line leader and take the flashlight. Mr. Bryan gave him the flashlight and soon Krish became the tour guide/line leader. Walking through the cave and climbing up the steps inside was fun, and it was especially great for Krish and Leora because it was their first cave tour ever.

Later during our day of exploring, we visited the Broadmoor. It was an amazing hotel from the outside, but when went inside it was even more amazing. The hotel was  beautiful from all angles. It had spectacular views of green mountain ranges set as a backdrop to the shimmering lake. We spent a beautiful evening there. We took a one-hour boat ride and enjoyed the time on the small lake. The weather was perfect and the kids were excited for their first boat ride. Life is worthwhile when a family has fun together. 
The Bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life.” – Richard Bach. 
Our next stop was Seven Falls, but unfortunately it was closed. Instead we visited the Helen Hunt Falls.

Try a new thing: When driving back to hotel from Helen Hunt fall, we decided not use the GPS. We stopped at every intersection and asked for directions. It was great fun doing it and kept me focusing on the road.

Change of plan and taking quick decision

Next day, we all were tired and Anita was not feeling well. So decided to return. We drove five hours straight to get back to Albuquerque. Sometimes your plans don’t work out as you expect them to. Being flexible and making decisions on the spot is a valuable lesson we learned from this trip. Some plans might not work out, but going with the flow will help you still enjoy your trip to the fullest.

And at the end of the day, being back in the comfort of home cures everything.

Overall, it was a super fun trip!