A New Hyperspace | Driving in Jemez Springs - New Mexico

Driving in Jemez Springs – New Mexico

Surprised! Natural hot water – 180 Degree Fahrenheit. We spend too much money and energy to make hot water, but nature has its own way to produce it for free. And this is good for health. This was the first time experience with hot Spring water – touch it, feel it and enjoy it.

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon. We thought of exploring Jamez Springs. Its just couple of hours from Albuquerque. On the way, we felt we are in India – Found some Dhaba kind of shops selling the local foods. Mostly Spanish speaking people and can understand English. We found that local people are very nice and happy to help. The local houses (called Pueblo) are beautiful, feels like village in India. Its built of adobe mod, stones and other local materials. Mostly the native Americans live in that areas.

We visited the welcome center – The art gallery and the pottery design are unique in nature. You can get some local made pottery in reasonable price just out side the visitor center. We got the information to go the near by places and the driving direction.

We stopped at Jemez Springs Bath House. What is the definition of excellent customer service? – I learned from the front desk lady at Jemez Spring Bath House. I informed her we are just visiting and not prepared for their services. However, she gave us a tour and answered all our questions. When I touched the water, I could not believe it could be that hot.

Interesting to know that hot spring bath gives several benefits. There are some people who regularly go there. She told me the 5 top benefits of hot springs spas:

  1. Stress relief and good sleep
  2. Boost blood circulation
  3. Cures Skin diseases
  4. Boost immune system
  5. Get relax when you leave

Pretty exciting. I will definitely plan time to get there and get a Hot Spring Bath. I did some research after and found that Hot Spring Spas are very famous in united states. it is recommended and really helps for good health.

There is a little park in front of it. Kids spend some time with local kids playing with them. We give all the opportunities to our kids to share some moments with other kids. We believe that’s the best way to improve their social skills.

Jemez mountain – Driving through the narrow roads with glittering view of red mountains, rivers and some small tunnels were mind blowing. I recommend afternoon is the perfect time to dive in Jemez Springs. The place is not that crowded. Little hiking brings challenges to our little leaders – Krish & Leora. We had a great family fun.

You go to a place and do not have a war with wife, and then it does not complete the trip. I took the kids to the cave to take some adventures snaps. My wife went wild – But I love that & making her cool is always a fun job.