A New Hyperspace | Arches National Park, Utah - Enjoy nature silently

Arches National Park, Utah – Enjoy nature silently

During Thanksgiving weekend 2015 – We took a trip to Arches National Park, Utah with our friends. It’s about 6 – Hours drive from Albuquerque and driving was amazing with less traffic, straight roads and 70 miles/hour speed limit.  We started early, so we could made to the park by 2PM. But I would suggest a full day trip as early sunset will limit your time of staying in the park. Also after 4PM the temperature drops down drastically.

We drive through the park and we could see the beauties around us. But the real fun was when we get out of car and went for short hike. Here are the few trails we took quick walk: 

Balanced Rock       Windows Trail        Double Arch             Davils Garden
Skyline Arch           Tower Arch              Sand Dune Arch      Delicate Arch

1 2

Special Moment : Out of excitement of taking some exciting group photographs, we started screaming, jumping, laughing and everything else. As we were doing so, an older couple passed us and said “Guys, this is a place you should enjoy the nature silently”.  I am not sure if that’s park rule, but I liked that statement.

The interesting fact about Arches (The history): I read about it from the user guide. The park lies atop an underground salt bed that is responsible for the arches, spires, balanced rocks, sandstone fins. It seems like the salt bed was deposited 300 millions years ago, when a sea flowed into the region and eventually evaporated.

Food Options – Go to Mohab city:  Inside the park you will not get any food. So make sure you carry enough water and food if you plan for hiking full day. However the closest city is Mohab, it’s just couple of miles. You have all the food options there.

Our experience was terrible. It was Thanksgiving evening, so all the restaurants were booked. Everywhere we went it was at least 90 mins wait. When  you are hungry 90 mins feels 90 days. So when you travel during pick time, make sure you make a phone call to reserve a special seat in your favorite restaurant.

Nice Stay at Mote 6 : There are plenty of hotel options in Mohab city.  We choose Motel 6 as it was close to the park. We were very tied after travel and hiking, so went to hotel and slept. We liked the hotel.

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