A New Hyperspace | One life is enough to experience our world

Why Travel? : Hello, I am Bapi Behera. Throughout my career in the corporate world, I strived to master a variety of skills. I focused on developing my leadership skills, time management, stress management, communication, work life balance and team building skills.  I recently have come to a realization that there is only one experience that will effectively teach us all those skills – Traveling

My wife (Anita Nayak) and I have traveled many popular destinations, remote places, learned many life lessons along the way, and met many inspirational people during our journeys throughout India, North America and Europe. We want to share our journey with you and hope that it will motivate you to leave your troubles behind and start your own thrilling travel adventures to learn and have fun in life. 

Building memories in life is an important way of enjoying it. What are you waiting for? Let’s do it.

Little Leaders Initiative: We are actively involved in making children stronger and resilient – Our little leaders. We provide parents and educators tools, perspectives and support on how you can empower your children through leadership and travel. Our Little Leaders classes and seminars focus on a whole-child approach to building character, confidence and independence. Early leadership training is crucial. To learn more Join us today.


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